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Tiger, Tiger Woods Y’all

Tiger Woods watchng his son Charlie on the range at junior event in FL.

Alright, let’s not get too excited yet with the recent Tiger Woods sighting on the golf course watching his son Charlie compete in a junior event in Florida, but how can we not? It’s his first sighting in some time, and he’s got a golf club in his hand. I’ll say it again, he’s got a golf club in his hand!! Tiger has not made a public statement since opening up about the severity of his injury, saying it’s more pain than he’s ever experienced before. And that carries some weight coming from the man who’s had a gazillion injuries and surgeries throughout his career.

So what will we see next? Tiger on the bag for Charlie? Tiger taking some swings on the range? Tiger making a public statement about his recovery? There’s no doubt he’s got the best of the best in the world focused on helping him make the right steps to get back to 100% and fingers crossed, back on the course competing again.

We’ll be patiently waiting…