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Screenshot from the Zoom interview bwtn Tiger & Henni Koyack

When Tiger speaks, we listen. Or in this case, I write. This seems to be pretty common practice these days as the golf world awaits more definitive timelines and progress updates on Tiger’s rehab. He literally about broke the internet with his short video hitting balls on the range the other day, just as one example. Anyway, the silence has officially broken. Tiger did a half hour exclusive with Golf Digest’s Henni Koyack from his home in South Florida via Zoom and gave us all a few bones to chew on while his continues to rehab and get healthy. Few keys takeaways from the interview:

  1. Tiger was obsessed with his jacked triceps while he was crutching around everywhere. I hope there’s a photo that surfaces later of him admiring them.
  2. Having his leg amputated was a serious consideration. I don’t think many people understand how realistic of an option this was at one point, including myself. During a press conference for the Hero World Challenge earlier today, a journalist asked that very question, and hearing Tiger’s response in person made him forget his follow-up question. Can anyone imagine a world where Tiger Woods only has one leg?
  3. Tiger is finished with being a full-time tour player, his body simply cannot endure the friction week in and week out. He’s NOT done though by a long shot. He wants to gear up a few times a year, for some select tournaments, depending on how he’s feeling….that’s fine by me!
    1. For fun, let’s just speculate…..The Masters, Genesis Open (his tournament), Hero World Challenge (his tournament), any Open Championship at St Andrews and the Pebble Beach Pro-Am are I think the usual suspects, the PGA Championship & US Open he’ll play only if he’s feeling 100% and I think otherwise he might pick off some tournaments close to home from time to time.