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Week to Week, Rags to Riches

Golf is so strange.  It’s week to week, literally all season long.  Your entire career actually.  Even as an amateur or a recreational golfer like most of us, you just never know what kind of game you have on any given day.  You could be the next Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods, and then all of a sudden you forget how to putt, can’t hit a fairway and contemplating quitting the game.  We’ve all been there.  And if anyone on tour can appreciate this, its Jordan Spieth.

A week ago, Augusta National swallowed Jordan Spieth, he missed the cut.  He was playing ok, but was in his head, and so was the 12th hole and he played just about as bad as he could to miss the cut.  Now Louis Oosthuizen, Brooks and Xander missed the cut too, so it’s not like he’s the only golfer in the limelight to underperform on golf’s biggest stage, but none of them are former winners there either and JS had high expectations going into Augusta.  Not looking great.

Head into RBC Heritage with a “wtf just happened sitting on your shoulder” in very unfavorable winds, sitting like T-32 on Saturday morning, and grinded it out (despite missing a  3-footer) to get into a playoff with Cantlay, and close him in the 1st playoff hole.

Great win for Jordan Spieth.  First win as a Dad.  Second consecutive win on Easter Sunday. Great for golf.


For the record, Sunday April 9th is Easter in 2023.  Masters Sunday.   Spieth  +2000