Sell Your Masters Tickets / Masters Badge
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Looking to Sell Your Masters Tickets? It’s inevitable issues may arise from time to time and patrons of The Masters Tournament, both badge holders and Masters lottery ticket winners become unable to attend the tournament. We understand better than anyone after over 25 years of operating locally in Augusta, that these tickets to the Masters often carry much more than just a monetary value to its owner.  We provide a day-of-use education session to our clients on the policies and procedures of Augusta National Golf Club and The Masters Tournament to ensure proper etiquette on the grounds.  We also collect pertinent credentials from each of our clients at registration, which are then returned when their Masters ticket badge credentials are returned following the end of play each day.  In addition to a financial reimbursement in exchange for the temporary use of your Masters ticket badge, we strive to provide the badge’s owner with comfort that their property is being respected and handled with care.


Whether you have a practice round ticket, a daily tournament badge or a 4-day tournament badge, we’ll provide you with a quote in exchange for the temporary use of your Masters ticket.  Once we’ve agreed on an exchange, we’ll discuss the most convenient way to arrange payment and delivery.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in selling your Masters tickets and a representative will reach out promptly.  

Rent Your Home

We also accommodate handfuls of housing needs for our clients during Masters Week and are constantly looking for new opportunities to showcase new housing inventory each year.  If you are local in the Augusta or Aiken, SC area, and interested in renting your home during The Masters Tournament, please contact us for a quote. We have several upscale clients with particular needs and can offer premium rates to homeowners.

Sell Your Vintage Badges

We have the largest collection of vintage Masters Badges on the internet. If you have old Masters badges from past years of attending, we are interested in buying them.  Our current collection ranges from 1959-2022, plus 1965 and we are always adding more

Azalea Hospitality is not in any way sponsored by, affiliated with, or a partner of The Masters Golf Tournament, Augusta National Golf Club, or Augusta National, Inc. and the use of the word “The Masters” & “Augusta National Golf Club” is for descriptive and informational purposes only. phones are not permitted at any time and cameras are only permitted during practice rounds.