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How to Attend The Masters Tournament

One of sport’s greatest spectacles is The Masters Tournament, played the first full week of every April in Augusta, GA.   Mentioned in the same breath as the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Kentucky Derby, and even at times the Olympics, people often wonder how to attend such a prestigious event.   The honest truth is that it’s not all that hard, especially if you’re reading this right now – look no further.   Simply Contact Us NOW!  We’ve been providing badges and what we like to call TRUE southern hospitality to fans and corporations for over 20 years.

The Azalea House handles your experience from start to finish.  Grounds badges, hospitality, transportation, housing, tee times, dinner reservations – you name it!  Whether you’re interested in attending a practice round, competition round or both, we’re here to service your requests.

Are you interested in featuring your brand, throwing a party for your company or entertaining clients??   We got you covered.  Not only have we been providing premier experiences for over 20 years  in Augusta, the Azalea House offers a limited number of sponsorship opportunities and ways to activate on-site and engage with our audience at the house.   Thousands of people frequent our venue each year during the tournament and we’ve developed a portfolio of assets, both with us,  our partners and supporting events during the week active marketers can secure through sponsorship.

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How to attend the Masters, is no longer a mystery.